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Best Video Editing Software for Creators [2021]

Intuitive user interface with advance editing features 100’s of stunning effects, titles and transitions Edit and upload to any platform or device Last Updated on Apr. 1, 2021 – by Jayed Miah Add to My Favorites The list of creative uses for green screen compositing is endless. With a green screen, you can place yourself…
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Comparing OBS versus vMix

Open Broadcaster Software or OBS is free and open source. vMix on the other hand, does have a free version and generous free 90-day un-watermarked trial, but for extended HD use, it’s going to cost you $60. In fact, the Professional version of vMix costs $1,200 so buckle up, because in order to understand why…
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6 Best Follow Me Drones (With Video Comparisons) 2020

Introduction – Are You Following Me? Picture the scene: you’re just about to reach the top of the mountain. The golden hour lighting is absolutely sublime. As you reach the peak, you’ve got the framing just right to capture the dramatic sunset. But suddenly you realize you can’t actually get the epic shot of yourself…
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